About Us
302 Years of Combined Experience

My wife, Caitlin, and I own the ranch where we operate Wellspring Thoroughbreds, a non profit 501(c)(3), in southern California. Although our facility is small, our long term goals are unique and expansive.

Our Board of Directors is made up of an outstanding team of professionals with backgrounds in all jumping disciplines who share our goals and philosophies. Most of us have enjoyed a lifetime of experiences with Thoroughbreds in the sport, gaining exemplary knowledge of the breed.

We applaud the efforts of all the non profits and organizations who play an enormous role in re-homing retired race horses. We hope to foster and bolster their efforts—a rising tide raises all ships. Our intentions, well outlined in our Mission Statement, are similar to other rescue organizations, but our approach sets us apart.

We intend to cherry pick and showcase the elite of the breed suitable for the jumping disciplines and immerse them into a high-level of training. Our line up of OTTB’s will possess all the desired traits suitable for the jumping sports, will be available to be thoroughly evaluated at our facility (& future satellite facilities), and will be offered at affordable adoption fees. Our goal is to provide show horse prospects to equestrian enthusiasts who desire a competition horse.

Through our Educational Internship Program, we will produce riders and trainers who will have hands-on knowledge of the training techniques specific to the OTTB and can pass along their skills to others interested to obtain and train an OTTB. In addition, we will document on film the monthly training of these horses and make the footage available on the Wellspring website, further spreading the knowledge.

We have a long term goal of not only supporting the organizations who produce competitions for Thoroughbreds, but being influential in promoting a National Circuit of affordable competitions for Thoroughbreds only. This will create jobs on a large scale for the OTTB’s and bring a sport back to a large sector of the Equestrian World who may currently find themselves sidelined because of the prohibitive costs.

We can’t do this alone and will need your support to achieve these goals. Your financial help is instrumental to make our plan and vision a reality. Please refer to our Help Our Cause page for information on your tax deductible donations.

A Tribute to the Thoroughbred Sport Horse
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