Our Mission
Showcasing the “Elite” of the Breed

Bernie Traurig has created Wellspring Thoroughbreds, a unique not for profit 501(c)(3). Our intention is to cast a spotlight on Thoroughbreds by showcasing the “elite” of the breed to a new generation of equestrians and offer them at affordable adoption fees. Bernie has been inspired by the endeavors of the many Off The Track Thoroughbred nonprofits, other Pro-Thoroughbred organizations and enthusiasts of the breed.

Gem Twist & Greg Best

Wellspring’s mission is to seek out, acquire, and train the best of the breed. These are OTTB’s that possess the qualities desired to successfully represent the breed in the sport horse disciplines.

Ksar D’Esprit & Bill Steinkraus
Increase Awareness
A Chance at a Second Career

By increasing the awareness of equestrians to the great qualities Thoroughbreds offer as multi-discipline sport horses, thousands of retired race horses over time will be placed in second careers. Wellspring will endeavor to create, promote and support venues that offer affordable competitions and incentives for Thoroughbreds, thus creating a greater demand for the OTTB and affordable opportunities for every equestrian.

Wellspring will offer educational student-based training programs where riders and trainers will enhance their Horsemanship knowledge in the actual riding and training of Thoroughbreds for the sport horse disciplines. Under Bernie’s tutelage, participants in the program will gain training, care and welfare skills specific to the breed and will pass these along to their peers. This in turn will make the OTTB a viable option for those previously daunted by the Thoroughbred training process.

Sixty years ago, before “OTTB” was even a term, Bernie Traurig was writing the book on finding, training, and showing the elite thoroughbred athlete. Idle Dice, Jet Run, H.O. Sloopy, Gozzi, and hundreds more….an unending stream of talent recognized and nurtured by Bernie and others with the same vision. Bernie wants to reintroduce this wonderful breed to the equestrian community and develop means to make it affordable for everyone.

Idle Dice & Rodney Jenkins